Fantasy author Pen Stewart is coming to Dilbeek

Gepubliceerd op 2 november 2019 om 00:00
Fantasy author Pen Stewart is coming to Dilbeek It's November and that means: fantasy month. For this occasion the library De Wolfsput in Dilbeek is inviting fantasy author Pen Stewart to give a lecture on how fantasy evolved in Flandres throughout the centuries. Pen Stewart was born on April 7th 1977 in Ghent. Stewart's hobbies have been writing, painting and reading since she was a child. The author writes in all kinds of genres going from fantasy, science fiction, dystopian fiction and steam punk to magic realism. Pen Stewart tries to find a balance between adventure and the journey of the character. Fantasy is a word we associate with dragons, wizards and wands, knights and magic. However fantasy 'the fantastic genre' is so much more that that. In the lecture Stewart will explain how broad the genre really is. Tickets to her lecture are free and can be found here. #penstewart #fantasy #fantasyauthor #wintercode #flandres #dilbeek #belgium #bibdewolfsput #dewolfsput #bibdilbeek #bibliotheekwolfsput #lecture #fantasy #flandres Book News